Dakar Rally Crash

The Dakar Rally is world renowned for being a little wild and one of the more dangerous events in the motorsport world. The reason why it is dangerous is that these drivers are absolutely bombing it through unmarked and ultimately unknown terrain. This unknown terrain occasionally bites back and when it does, it makes for some pretty spectacular, albeit terrifying scenes.  This video was captured by onlookers on Saturday during stage 7 of the race.

The video shows different footage of two different crashes that happened over the same patch of land. First up was Argentine driver Juan Manuel “Pato” Silva who hit a dip before being flung through the air, flipping his mercedes a good 5-6 times. Juan was helped out of the wreck uninjured. Soon after driver Matthew Campbell came to a similar fate flipping over the Mercedes and erupting in a ball of flames. Campbell and his 2 co-drivers were also unharmed. In other news from Dakar Peugeot have put out a press release today championing their drivers and the special edition Peugeot 2008 DKR that is enduring the worlds hardest race in motorsports.